What are Pre-order items?

Pre-order items are pre-released products that aren't currently in stock but will release on the stated release date in our product pages. We make these available for you to purchase so you can either be one of the first to receive these products or to guarantee a spot in receiving limited quantity figures!
Before ordering, please read the rules and regulations below:
  • Pre-orders require payment to be made at checkout.
  • We cannot guarantee that the orders will ship out on the US release date as these are estimates only. We will ship orders the moment they are available.
  • If you combine in-stock and pre-ordered items, ALL items will be shipped at once when all pre-ordered items are available. So please purchase in-stock products as a separate transaction from Pre-order products
  • If you purchase multiple pre-ordered items with different release date, we will ship out your order once the latest pre-ordered in your cart has released. (If you wish to receive your orders as soon we they are released, we recommend checking out each pre-ordered product with separate transactions) 
  • Once you place an order with us, it means that you are willing to accept these terms & conditions.

In the rare instance of a Pre-order cancellation from the manufacturer, we will offer a full refund and notify you of any instances.

How long will it take to ship out my pre-order

The release dates for our pre-order products will be stated in our product pages. These release dates are not guaranteed as some manufacturer delays due occur. Be assured that our team will be standing by ready to ship out your products once they are released!

Can I cancel items that I have pre-ordered?

We will allow cancellations for Pre-order's for any reason however please note that ALL pre-order cancellations will be subject to a 10% management fee. 

My Pre-Order delivery date has moved out to another month. What’s going on?

Please note that Pre-Order release dates are subject to change by the manufacturer. Due to stresses on the manufacturing side from the COVID-19 pandemic, shipping delays, and supply chain issues, release dates have varied constantly. We will update each item’s description, send out email alerts, and update our Pre-Order Update Page with new information as soon as we receive it from the manufacturer.

 For all other questions or concerns regarding pre-orders, please reach out to us at


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